Make Your Marketing Twice as Effective…

    In Half the Time




Dear Professional,  


          Are you bored going to business functions? Remember the time when you finally met your top prospect? Just at the highlight of your message, the person you were talking with looked over your head for someone or something more interesting. “I’m done here,” you thought. Or the time you began to describe your services and suddenly heard “Excuse me, my cell phone is ringing.”  


          If this has happened to you enough times to decide to turn 100% to marketing on the Internet, remember true professionals know the power of personal contact.  


          Written with the true professional in mind, Break Through the Noise has the tools for you. Whether your goal is to win new clients, transition careers, or find a job, positioning and marketing yourself in an unforgettable way will never let you down. In fact, it’s a must. Break Through the Noise tells you how.  



          Inside the pages of this business best seller, you’ll discover how-to: 


  • Motivate yourself when you just can’t get started  
  • Turn any moment into a key “marketing moment”  
  • Grip attention with a surefire introduction  
  • Nail down your ideas without getting tongue-tied  
  • Communicate “hire-me” confidence  
  • Avoid the number one mistake people make when promoting themselves  
  • Enjoy the marketing part of your job as much as the rest of it  


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